Sunday, December 5, 2010

☆YEA I GOT MY INk's plus sataday's outfit*~☆

Hey Guy's, guess what..? finaly I could my ink bottle's!!!! They come on sataday, my dad gave me an call and told me about it. I was very happy, but I'm still wait for my needles and tups to come..hmmm..Oh well they will come soon! I bought 54 bottle's of ink, well they send me 50, but soon they will send me my other missing 4..haha! I love the name's of the color's, like: Carol's Pink,, rosa pink, lollipop, Fuchsia, baby blue, Blue sky, koolaid, teal, co-co, etc. So pretty!! I can't wait too use them, on a tattoo! The color's are just beautiful, very pretty. Oh well that's all, I hope you guy's like my outfit from sataday! Leave me an comment and pls follow me . See ya!! xoxo emimarie~

That's my mirror on the wall, isn't is soo shinny! I really love the animel print on it. Well If you can tell...?

I really love this make up look! Makes me pretty..what do you think.?

shoes: Ross
jacked: Marshall
shirt: Nordstrom
Foxtail: Made by hand


  1. Really cute make-up!! Of course you look pretty~ ^__^ And wow, that's a lot of ink... I can't wait to see what you do with them! ♥

  2. Can you please do a tutorial on the Foxtail? I've been searching forever for a cheap one -.-