Tuesday, December 28, 2010

☆Seattle Part 2*~☆

Hey Guys, yesterday I start it posting about seattle, but I was soo sleepy that I maid a part one of this post. So this will be the last part of seattle, but we took so many picture, that you guys will see it soon. Yu san and I, we really had so much fun in seattle and I can't believe it, I was there...It feels like I wasn't there. Oh and I guess you can tell I change my layout!! Made it more me own :)


I love this picture of us! I just love my yu san very much

Are last stop in seattle was the Uwajimaia (the japanese store). The store where you can buy, japanese Food, japanese drinks, japanese CD's, DVD's and of course japanese magazines. They even have chinse magazines. They had everything what an gyaru wants! The store had nice restarons like, japanese, korean, taiwanese and more! We went to the korean food stand! The food looked very yummieeeeeeee (*v*)

Looking good my friend! Yummieeeeeeeeeee (*^A^*)

Yu san always looks good if he eats something, and I look like a pig!! Well I love food too much, I guess you can tell, haha!

Haha, In this picture yu san was very sleepy and I guess he wasn't really in the mood for taking  picture, what I understand! The poor thing was driving me around in seattle, but he still looks good, nomatter what!!! I hope we can go next year back to seattle, but this time we will stay longer!

xoxo emimarie


  1. Omg, I love your new layout, Emi Marie!!! You look so cute! *__* ♥ And I'm happy that you had a great time in Seattle! You and Yu-san are so adorable together!

  2. You both look so cute ! ^-^
    btw how shocked I was..it's been a while that I wasn't online and I didn't know you had a new blog!! Oo'
    I love it! ^^
    You're lucky, here in my city there isn't shop where you can buy japanese mags u_u

  3. salís tan lindos en las fotos!! */////////////*
    y OMG! cuantas revistas *baba* XDDD
    me alegro de que te lo pases bien^^
    Besos ♥♥
    PD: lo siento por escribirte en español, pero no tengo tiempo TT.TT

  4. haha thank you guys♥
    xoxo emimarie~

  5. Lovely new layout!!! Very pretty ;D I am REALLY loving your makeup lately, seriously amazing!

  6. omg thank youuu ne (*W*)
    xoxo emimarie~