Monday, December 27, 2010

☆Seattle Part 1*~☆

Hey Guys! OMG, I went to Seattle and I didn't wont it to go back home to boring WA vancouver ...Honestly Seattle is 100 times better then Portland. They had everything, well accept forever 21, but it wasn't that bad, because vancouver has forever 21. It took us about 3 hours to drive to seattle (^v^) Are first stop was in Olympia, WA the Capital of WA! Was fun and it was a good rest for Yu san, poor thing was drive without any breaks (.__.)

Haha! You can tell it was very windy. I must say the picture looks very funny, but in real live it was a bitch. Yu san made fun of me (in a good way), I couldn't stop laughing in that moment. My umbrella dance with  the wind and I danced too. After this stop we arrive in seattle, thank god! We were so happy, the first thing where we went was the famous Seattle Aquarium. It was the boom, I just love fish (*w*)

Yu san took the picture and they look great! We took soo many picture in seattle, that's crazy. I wish I could show you guys all of them but I thing It would take you guys long too read the all blog, haha! The boden fish is sooo cute! I just love it!

Me and yu san, I just love this picture of us, I thing is cute! Haha, yu san is playing with the smaller fish, but if you look at the picture closer you can tell that the other fish is staring at him!

The seattle mall was nice, but the best part about the seattle mall was that they had an japanese one doller store and they had everything a GAL WANTS, like make up, eyelashes and more and even japanese nail deco! It was a dream come true, I had so much fun in seattle...i miss seattle..Oh the picture that yu san took in the mall are kind soso looking, because I had something in my eyes, plus L was a lil bitch and I don't know why..? Gomen nasai yu san...(TTnTT)

Haha bubble tea please!! Seattle bubble tea was very good!! You can tell that yu san couldn't stop drinking his bubble tea, haha!!

The japanese one doller store! I love this store, oh the boden ones was in H&M, lol.

Down town seattle!

Yu san look cute!

We want to and nice restaroun in down town seattle and it was dam good Italian food, I couldn't stop eating!!! Yu san took me out for dinner, that was very nice of him!

PURIKURAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! My first purikura picture were a dream come true! I was sooo happy!! I always want it to take purikura photos, but were I live we didn't had it! I was soo happy and I'm still very happy! I love seattle! Seattle was made for gyarus like us!!

Purikura album! yeaaa! Green is yus and pink is my :D

What yu san bought me! It was soo nice♥ One thing is, that no matter what happend in seattle...It was the best day in my whole live! Everything that happend in seattle was an dream come true! Thank you seattle and one speacel person in my life, THANK YOU YU SAN! You made me the happessed girl in the whole weight world! I LOVEE UUUUU!!

xoxo emimarie~


  1. ¡salís muy monos! *//////////*
    en mi ciudad tampoco hay para hacer purikas TT.TT. Me alegro de que os lo pasarais tan bien^^
    Kisses ♥

    PD: lo siento, pero no se como se dice en ingles T.T

  2. So cute! Seattle looks amazing :3 specifically the wee fishies.

    Wish the UK had Japanese 1 dollar stores :/

  3. Aww yay! You found the puricura machine!
    That's so weird....I was in that area with my friend that day, but it looks like it was at different times. We totally could have run into each other o.o

    I'm so glad you had so much fun though~! ♥
    Next time you come let me know so we can meet up for a little bit~ :D

  4. haii next time we will have a gals day :D
    xoxo emimarie♥

  5. Changed your layout again? Very nice! Your make up looks sexy when you smoke out your eyes.

  6. haha i kno, i change it to much! but things is soo like me!
    xoxo emimarie~

  7. Seattle looks so fun! Especially the downtown area~ ♥ Too bad it's always cloudy/rainy over there. U.U

  8. haha, yea. seattle is a beautiful place, I wish one day I will live there with my yu san♥
    xoxo emimarie~

  9. Aww looks like you had soooo much fun, I'm glad for you!! It's too bad you can't be there longer...? XD I'm surprised they had Daiso (japanese $1 store)! We have one in California as well and I agree it's a great store for gals! ^o^ Also, for your first puri, they're soooo good! The first time I took puri, they turned our horrible, lol.

    You and Yu also look greatttt together ;D

  10. I live in Seattle, how funny ~! I love it here muchly (^O^)/ But do you know the adress to PuriKura machine neh~~? I found Puri only in SanFranJapan ~~

    I would really love to know where you found PuriPuri machine <3

    xoxo 4 naow (you can let me know on blog)


  11. Wow. I live in Washington, Olympia and we recently visited Seattle for a gyaru purikura visit and the machine has been broken for a while. ;A; I'm super jelly. Your photos look amazing~!