Monday, January 24, 2011

ೋღ today's outfitღೋ

Hey Gal'sPhotobucket Just want it to post my look for today. Well today I had my interview for the Dep. Store Buckle. I just love that store, they have so many beautiful, different fashion styles. That store is just the boom, I love it! I hope I get the job, well if not I will look some more! Oh and before I forgot, soon you guy's will see new Tattoo work from me! Don't miss it! I can't wait to work, I can spent my money for Gyaru style againPhotobucket.


Bag: LV
Jewelry: H&M/XXI/Italian Fashion Brands
Neckless: Maria Baroco
Shoes: Ross
Dress: Voyelles

I love that song! The best summer song 2010! I Love it!


xoxo emimarie~


  1. omg i love Buckle! But their stuff is expensive. Good luck~!

  2. like you're pretty on your picture I love!

  3. Good luck on getting the job : D

  4. thank you guys (*W* )!
    Yea buckle isnt cheap ne! If i work in buckle, would get 40% of ne :D that would be soo cool!

    xoxo emimarie~