Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome February + Tuesday's outfit

Hey Gal'sPig! I'm sorry that I didn't post this week. I wasn't really in the mood to post somethingSweatdrop, but today I will post about a lot of things. I had a crazy week, well  two weeks. Sorry againHeart. Today I was hanging out with my home gal Celeste. We had so much fun! We don't get to see each other that much often, because we are both  busy Gals. She is the only person that I can trust. God we had so much fun today, and OH MY GOD we just talk for hoursStars. We went to the Vancouver mall, just hanging out. She bought something for James (her Boyfriend). We were talking about her tattoo she wanted  to get. I can't wait to tattoo her. Oh and soon she will color my hair BLONDE! I can't wait to see my hair again blonde, hihiHeart Beat!

 ギャルのみんな、こんにちわ!今週は少し忙しかったからあまりBlogを更新する時間がありませんでした。けど今日はいろいろなことを書きます。今日は親友のCelesteとVancouver Mallで遊びました。いつも、彼女とは時間が合わないので、今日久々に会えてとても楽しい時間をすごしました。彼女は友達の中でも唯一、信じられる親友です。ずーーっと話をしてました。Celesteは彼氏のジェームズにお誕生日プレゼントを買ってました。あとは彼女がTatooをしたいらしいので、来週かのじょにTatooをします。あとは、自分の髪を金髪に染めるのがとても楽しみです。

Today's outfit.
Yea! My look for today, simple but cuteStars.

Like my keychain? if yes, I made it myself. I really love it!Love Heart

My makeup look for today, looks like the some that I had on in my past post. I just love that style now. Makes me look very Gyaru. I just love itLips.


OH MY GODExclamation Marks I found the character MARIE-CHAN in GOODWILL! Guess how much I payed for her...Only 99 centsMe. I'm not joking, I really payed 99 cents for her. I couldn't believe it, do you even know how much I would pay for her in the normal Disney store... At least $30-$40 and I just payed 99 centsThumbs Up. I must say, sometimes Goodwill has good things. I always buy my hello kitty stuff in Goodwill. I love GoodwillLotsa Hearts.


That's my Dog CurlyStar!

Bloody Teddy Bear! I think thats sooo cuteAww!

Just me, I took this last weekPig. I went to one of my family B-day party. We went out for dinner;  was pretty nice! I really liked the food. Was goodStar! Well I hope you Gal's had a great week too. See you soonWaving.


xoxo emimarie


  1. That makeup really suits you !
    and that marie kitty is soooo adorable..Good find ! (y)

  2. Sorry ;_;
    My english classes will start in two weeks and I hope to write some in english :(

  3. Ohhh which kind of blond will you do??

    haha marie ! <3 it reminds me one day i found a winnie the pooh ..but a BIG bear for 5€, hehe i was also happy x)

    I can't wait to see your new color :)

  4. mirai-moro: thank you very much Mirai, and I was so lucky at that day! goodwill has good things if you went at the right time!

    Cale: Oh realy? Don't worry, i still love you blog. Your my Icon, if it comes to the gal fashion ne!

    Shabwouina: Well you will see. just wait for it! wow you found an big winnie the pooh bear! lucky youuuu. Im happy for you 2 ne!

    xoxo emimarie

  5. Omg, you're gonna go blonde?! I can't wait to see that! I just know you're gonna look amazing in that hair color. ^__^ And wow, your make-up and outfit are both amazing! ♥

  6. Tricia: REALLY? Thank you so much! yea i cant wait to see me with blond hair :D