Thursday, January 27, 2011

今日の化粧はこんな感じです//Just my makeup look for today!

Hey Gal'sPhotobucket. Just wanted to post about my looks for today. I never really used fake eyelashes for the bottom of my eyes, but I seen that Dolly love, Michi and other Gal's do thatPhotobucket. So I thought too myself, why not give it a try? Must say, I really love the look. My look reminds  me of the Hostess look, mixed with popteen look. I had a bless doing that makeup for today! My eyelashes are both the same! But next time,  I will use more eyeliner with that makeup lookPhotobucket!

こんにちわ!今日はつけまつげを目の下にもつけてみました。私の友達はよくこの化粧法をするので自分でもやってみました。やってみたらとても好きでした!なんかホステスとPopteenのメイクをたして2で割った感じになりましたxD つきはもっとアイライナーをいれてみたいと思います、

I really love my eyes and my contacts; can you even tell I use contactsPhotobucket? Sometimes the contacts look real, but only sometimes! Oh and by the way, I shaved my eyebrows. It's much easier  to work without your eyebrows! I hate my eyebrows they are to light anyway. Oh well, hihiPhotobucket.



My makeup video, so you Gal's can see how it looks.
in real life! I hope you Gal's love it!


xoxo emimarie


  1. I like the top lashes : D The lower lashes (and how they're set) make u look a bit crazy tho, but overall it looks cute! : D

  2. I love the way you make-up ^^

    Kisses <3

  3. You are really pretty, I love your make up <3

    kiss kiss