Saturday, March 19, 2011

I ♥ U, do you?

Hi hi, So Today Yu and I took pictures together in the Japanese store, we where buying something for his brother in Japan. He is doing great, nothing to worry about. Yu and I we don't really take pictures together, not because we don't wont to, we always forget about it, but today we told has we have to! I had so much fun today, after the Japanese store we went to visit his parents and his mom can cook so good, love her food. After dinner his dad and us where playing Wii party, was very funny. I don't play Wii that often but if I get the chance I have so much fun with it.

Yep me! Yu took some nice Pictures of me. He is really good with the cam, just love him...very much!

That's what we bought for his brother!
Smexy Yu san, so hot and yummie is only my Yu san!
 I must say I really love those japanese nudels! I go crazy on them and of my man too!

Kawaiii Yu sama! He is so good looking, hehe and he is mine mine mine!
I love you yu san, thank you for loving me so much


  1. omg this makes me want to have a boyfriend so baaaadly! you two are too cute!

  2. AWWWW SO CUTE!!!! Glad you had fun~

    Wii is so entertaining haha

  3. it's so sweet !! you both are so cute!
    uh? mochi sherbet? what is it? XD (behind your bf)

  4. You guys are so cute : D And he's very handsome! I LOVE GROCERY SHOPPING OMG! I go completely crazy when grocery shopping! XD HAHAH <3