Saturday, March 12, 2011

Inspired Diamond Gals makeup look of Val

Hi Hi Gals, well two day's ago I was watching Gaijin Gyaru tips Part 1 and Val from the Diamond Gals had great tips! I hope you can see the one tip she said. If not I will tell you! She said, if you but your eyelashes more oper to your eye lied you will get more the big Dolly look! I try it and guess what, she was right! I really love her makeup style she is the BOOM, well for me she is. Val does great gyaru makeup, everyone in the Diamond circels!

I hope I did a great job! I can tell that I'm getting better with the Gyaru makeup. I learned so much in one year and I know one day I will be so great like Viivi (Cupcake coulture). Her makeup style is very good! I really like her style! Theire are so many Western Gals that I look up to. I don't need japanese models too look like a Gal! I get inspired all the time from western Gals like:

Becci Viivi KimiDiamond Gal's Emy
and more!

Don't think you can't do it, if you know you can!


  1. New follower.. hi! This is great! I'll be sure to try this sometime ^-^ thank you for posting this~

  2. i wanted to try that , but no ttoooo extreme lol
    i dont want it to come out crooked LOL

  3. Aw how sweet of you. I think you did a great job and Val would definitely be proud. ^_^

  4. Hi I am your new follower ! Your blog is so awesome !

  5. i love your blond hair!! <3
    you did a good job with your Val inspiration mu!

  6. I love your make up!!!! it is GREAT and Cute!!! ^^


  7. You look so fab with that make up!!! way too cute!

  8. Daniela: Thank you very much :D I hope you will love my blog more then :D

    ★Lisha☆: Yea you should.

    Mie: hihi, hope soo ne :D

    Lette: Thank you veru very much :D

    Shabwouina: thank you very much, love really love my blond hair :D

    Mª del Rocío kawaii: thank you very much :D

    Kilala Michi: Thank you very much and I will get more makeup and tattoos in my blog :D

    xoxo emimarie

  9. I like the lashes, but I think i wouldn't wear it, I think my eyes is bette wearing other types of it jajajaj, but they like very good on you.
    I follow you :P

  10. Wow this is the first time seeing your blog but i fell in love with it!! Your makeup and style... gorgeous!!
    Don't stop being GAL! You are fantastic!
    follow you cutie!

  11. Mine_kogal: Oh thank you very very much :D Well I think you should try them, you will love them if you give them a try :P Never say Never!

    Yukina:OMG, thank you soo soo soo much cuty. Your comment made me feel sooooooooooooooooooo good! It makes me very happy if you love my blog! I will gip up with the great work :D thank you very much!

    xoxo emimarie

  12. i love your blog ♥_♥ sooooo kawaiii!!!! i follow you!!! your blog is so interesting!!!!
    really you are beautiful!!
    I like to have lashes like these U_U
    are beautiful eyelashes
    maybelook beautiful eyelashes that are using you!!!
    kawaii gyaru girl!!!