Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nana & I in the mall/benihana

Hey Gal's, let start with my post! Yesterday I hangout with Nana chan, she is one of my good friend plus she is a member in are circle Kira Kira Glamour. We hand so much fun! I don't get the see her that often but if we hangout we always have a bless!

 Haha Nana and I! I had so much fun (._______.) Miss you Nana chan...

Haha took a video in  benihana (*^____^*)
Yummy (*u*  ) The cook was so much fun and the food was heaven! If I say heaven I mean heaven♥

 Nana chan and I at the Hello Kitty store! I just love this store, but before we went to the Hello kitty store, we went to the Disney store (my 1. STORE) and guess what..? The had Angel chan on sale like, Stitch cup and stitch deco for your books( I don't know what you call it...sorry) I was in heaven! I could'nt believe it! I can't believe that I'm a big fan of Stitch, but he is so cute *___* plus he acts like me...haha!

Nana Nails desgin made by Me *___*
 It's so easy painting Nana chan cute nails, but if it comes to my's bad~

My make up look! I really love to have alot of make up on, but at the same time
not so...Oh well I just love Fashion and Makeup♥

Haha me again  (@^v^ @  )


  1. Your nails are so pretty! and i really love the ring <3 Hope you two had a good time together ^^ food looks really good :Q

  2. Very nice nails!
    And your hat is also very cute! ♥

  3. I love your outfit! And girl.. you're the only girl with style I know who can pull off a sleeve : P it's so cool!! <3

    The food looks yummehhhh! *_*

  4. Which mall did you go to? Looks like Southcenter? ^^ I've yet to go eat at Benihana's, so hopefully I go over there soon. Lovely nails you designed and your outfits are cuute! I love the beanie ^____^b

  5. You look perfect~ Glad you had so much fun!! I've only been to benihana's once

  6. gosh, your eyes are really dolly n huge with this eyelook @_@!! and I love the bow on your hat ♥

    (its sooo cool to have a cook preparing food in front of the table =D yum)

  7. Haha, thank you everyone!! The food was the BOMB! very yummy I must say!

  8. You´re so georgerus

    Food looks very good =d

    Seen that you have fun n_~


  9. lol asian wannabe :)