Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fashion is smart.

Hey everyone! Today was a big shopping day (didn't shop for 4 monts)  for Yu and I, we had so much fun and I can't believe how much I got! I didn't spent alot of money, I'm pretty cheap if it comes to fashion. I don't believe that only High Fashion  Brands makes you an Fashionista. Well if you want to have Guess or other High brands just go to Ross, Tj Maxx or Marchelle, they have Designer Brands for an good price. 

 Yeah today my makeup is Glam mix Gal! I want it to try something different and you can tell I am not wearing my lenses because they hurt today...I hate it if that happends, but did you know that those Asian lenese aren't good for your eye's O__O They can lead to affctions or you can turn blind. I was reading about it, that's why I'm not wearing them alot. I love my eyes to much plus I need my eyes for tattooing ppl. We had a lil snak in the mall, I must say that the Pullman mall was small  but had so much cute things *__* cute!

 Cuteeee~ Yu is waiting for his food! So cute!

Emi's Shopping Bag!
 You will be shocked how much I pay for all of it, but let's start with each of them!
(I bought all on sale and I'm not making it up)

•White simple Top normal price $14.99 (pay'd $6)
• Black Top with stitches normal price $26.99 (pay'd $6)
• White Top with stitches normal price $19.99 (pay'd $6)
•Cute small Black Handmbag normal price $24.99 (pay'd $2)
•Diamond bracelets normal price $7.99 (pay'd $4)
•Cute white bow ring normal price $5.99 wasn't on sale :(
•Black shose normal price $50 (pay'd $39)

I spent only $68.99 for all off the thing's you see and without the shoses was it only $29.99, that's really cheap! Normally I would pay'd for all of that $153.94 but I saved today and I am not jocking $84.95!! That is smart shopping!

Emi's look for Today!
My look for Today, what do you thing?

Yu's homework day,haha! He is so cute!! 


  1. Hahah lol! Homework while having facebook on? tututut! XD that doesn't look like good homework making! XD

  2. Nice items you bought !! :) I love the shoes.

  3. Love your outfit and makeup! LOVE YOUR TATTOO ON YOUR ARM AS ALWAYS <3 and I love the diamond bracelet that you got! : D So cute!