Monday, April 25, 2011

Love just comes around.

Hey everyone, I know I don't look like a Gal in those Pictures, because I didn't feel good and I wasn't in the mood to look like a Gal! Next post i will look like a Gal agaian :) My boyfriend came on Friday night to pick me up, I was so happy!! He stayed 2 night's at my house because he drove 6 hours from Pullman to Vancouver WA and that's pretty long drive! I was Tattooing on friday night, I did a Cover up! Soon you will see the before and after Picture's. Today I will post about  saterday and sunday :) On saterday Yu and I went to the Doggy Park with my Dog Curly, he is just a cute lil pups...well for me my curls will always be a cute lil pups! I must say he is a lil fatty but still so cute! I just love my pups and my Boyfriend :)

That's me normal without heavy makeup and I must say sometimes it's good to have a makeup break!
Oh Yu and Curly, so cute! I just love this picture because Yu and Curly look so happy :)

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~ Time for some water curls?
I'm giving him some water!

I think that picture is funny because we look in different ways...but at the same time it's cute!

So now I will post about sunday, the day we left to go to Pullman, where my boyfriend's school is! It to has 6 hours drive but I had a great time because I was with my boyfriend. We were talking and talking and taking some breaks and talking again! It was fun! Are last stop was close to pullman, we got hungry again so we went to Panda express and the food was goood but so fatty , but still goooooood~

To yummie that picture!
Heaven Food, well only if your very hungry xD

Yu and I, having a great and lovely sunday and before I forget Happy Easter! I hope you Gal's had a great weekend to! 

P.s: I was skyping again with becci chan and I must say I really love becci! She is a very nice Gal, please go to here blog and read her blog!  Blog link 


  1. waa you are a tatto artist?! It's very interesting ^-^
    You looks beautiful without heavy make-up *O*

  2. LOVE the tattoo, and you look pretty and natural without super heavy makeup. :) Hahaha and such a cute doggie!

  3. awww looks like you had so much fun!!!!

  4. I LOVE YOUR TATTOO ON YOUR ARM SO MUCH <3 -clings to Emi's sleeve- So pretteeehhh! What is it? A portrait of someone? : D It's really nice!

    Also, I love the photo of Yu and Curly! XD ahaha, they DO look very happy!

  5. pretty cute dog ................. ohhh your tatto ... omg i love it ....<3 nice pics

  6. Haha thank you Gals, and yes i had so much~
    xoxo emimarie

  7. You look very mature on this last photo. I really mean it! Greetings from your old home Germany by the way... C: