Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mickey Mouse meets "High Fashion Designers"!

Hey everyone I found some High Fashion pictures of Mickey Mouse. I never thought that Mickey Mouse Is high fashion, but you never know. It's like Barbie and Hello Kitty. I got inspired the way you can get the sexy Mickey Mouse look without looking like is Helloween!

I love the withe short dress and the Mickey Mouse hat. You can tell that the girl with the short dress has no makeup on, it makes her look so young and Sexy. The other picture has beautiful makeup on, I can see that type of makeup as a inspired Gyaru makeup style. Because the way here Fake Lashes are and because the way she lookes. I want to try this makeup out and show you gals when I'm done with that.

Oh my God in Heaven! I want them so bad! I wish I can buy them, but where....hmmmm, oh well!
If you use fashion in a right way, it will look high fashion! But if you use it in a wrong way gurl, don't be mad if some one ask you if is helloween now! Fashion comes and go, but your style stays forever *___* So use it!


  1. I like how they mix "mature" and "young" with Mickey! lol
    i love the picture with the "gyaru inspired makeup" i put it on my tumblr <3
    by the way, i already said it on facebook but i really like your new layout !!! it's very pretty! soft & cute :)

  2. thank you very much for reading this post! :D And thank you that you like my layout :D
    xoxo emimarie

  3. I love the mickey mouse glasses and hairbands, they're so cute.