Sunday, April 17, 2011

Skin of Beauty

Hey everyone so Today I want it to post about Girls with Tattoo's! Beauty has so many meanings, and Girls that have Tattoo's or  Piercing's are beautiful! They can be Fashionista's too, some times people think that beauty is a clear nice skin, but what has skin to do with beauty? Because if you say clear skin is beautiful which color...? That's the same thing or not? I love my Tattoos and my Tattoos mean a lot to me! They have meaning's for me and without them I would'nt be the Gal that I want it to be! And Girls that talk shit about a Gal with Tattoo's are FAKE FUCKING BITCHES! If you have a Tattoo and you have the feeling that no one accept you, just think about that your different in a good way and  just Fuck all of them!!! Live your life how you want!!! And that's for everyone!

I found some Fashion photo's with beautiful Girls that have tattoo's! They look very fashionistas to me, I think a Gal with tattoo is like a artwork but the artwork is on the Skin!


  1. I think tattoos are SUPER sexy! I absolutely love them - and I already told you that I'd love a tattoo at some point.. but tattoos in Denmark are SUPER expensive to get. Like CRAZY expensive!

    If you notice, majority of the popular models out there don't look like models if you see them irl. They're not beautiful or gorgeous or have that 'ray' that attracts other people to them. They look normal - some of them even look BORING. I think the main reason is that designers and makeup artists can use this 'blank canvas' to create a completely new person with. I'd prefer a gorgeous model with a tattoo than one of those regular models that look super awkward in real life.. and you can never recognize those models irl, because they look so different on their ads >_<"

  2. Thank you for reading this post and I agree with you! :)
    xoxo emimarie

  3. (sorry for my bad english >_<)
    tattoos are awesome! I got my first one a few weeks ago. It's actually pretty big but I want to get more tattoos anyway. :P

    I agree as well. It's pretty obvious that designers use a model to have their own canvas.

    maybe I'm a little superficial but I think that whether a tattoo looks good or not depends on the body shape.
    I'm not saying that people who are overweight look stupid with a tattoo (tattoos still are awesome) but the same tattoo would look better on a sporty person.
    If you get my meaning... ^^