Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fashion Soup

Hey everyone. So yesterday yusan and I had so much fun., we went to a Thailand restaurant and we ate a very good soup. Its called Tom Yum Soup noodle! I must say I really love this soup nice and spice, but the soup made me sick...Oh well, after the restaurant, we went to get some ice-cream and then we want it to play some games. I had a very good time with him and I can't wait to do more with him :) I just love him alot!

My make-up style was inspired of Val/Becci

Yusan and I were waiting for our foods ( was very hungry at this picture, even yusan was hungry).
Yusan and I. I really love this picture of us, we look funny.

haha me smilling in the camera...

I love this picture of yusan, his eye's look so big and cute!

We went to baskin' robbins and I must say it was my first time eating their Ice-cream, its so good and yummi! If i go back to Vancouver I will eat it again.

Yusan is playing with his ice-cream, laugh.

Yesterdays look.


  1. >.< you were very cute! I've never been in a Thai restaurant TT TT , I think in my city there is none...

    I hope to talk soon! byee ~<3

  2. i want some ice cream T_T give me

  3. Your so beautiful honey !!!
    missing talking to you x3

  4. Aww I really like your make-up *______* And your jeans are so cool *-*

    Kisses <3

  5. I love your hair in these pics. The belt also looks really great in your coordinate!

  6. You're very cute and I love your ring =)