Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why do you love me?

Hey everyone. So today I was tattooing one of my clients, nice person. But before I was tattooing him, I was cleaning my room and I was cleaning my clothes. I was busy the whole day today and I didn't see my boyfriend today. I was visiting him in Pullman for two weeks and it was so nice! I love living with him, I hope soon we can move in together, just miss him, but I hope I will see him tomorrow.

Why do you love me? , is one of my favo drawings I did. It's very simple but so cute, just look at him so cute *__*
I call this "the Deer Dream", I don't know why I called it the deer dream, but if you take a good look you will get it .
P.S. Inspired by the song E.T from Katy Perry.

And that is my work for today! I must say I'm getting better and better, but still I have to work my ass off. If I want to be the best, I have to work harder to get the best. I will take my time and grow big and strong! I hope you gals like it, thank you for following me.


  1. Nice work! The title reminded me of Lafee's song "Wer Bin Ich" - you should check it out. It's a BEAUTIFUL song!

  2. I adore that first drawing!
    Thats pretty nice lettering and shading on your client. when it comes to tattooing I don't think you can be the best, it's a constant thing that evolves.

  3. I really like the deer dream's design! :D