Monday, May 16, 2011

ROSA P!NK Lip's!

 Hey everyone. Today, I am in a posting mood. I took so many pictures and I must say, my lovely boyfriend went to the japanese store yesterday and bought me the "Happie Nuts" magazine. I was soo happy. Its sad that I don't get the chance to drive up to the store, but next month, I will buy my Juni. Oh and before I forget, I was working today again, yeaaaa~ More money and I can get more things I can buy.

I hope you Gals love my make up for today. I was trying the gyaru look without my lenses. I dont want to wear the lensese very day. It hurts my eyes, plus, I went to my eye doctor and he was mad at me for it. Its not good for my eyes and honestly. Oh well, next time, I will wear them again :)

Me and my camera *__* I just love my camera, I saved alot to get this camera!!

My Happie Nuts Magazine, love the gift I got. It's a make up bag *__* Looks very stylish, like me!


  1. ARGHHHH! Make him pick me up Happie NUTS too! D: I gotta say that my own style is leaning more and more towards the Happie NUTS style than Popteen. I guess as you grow older all the pink, florally girly stuff is just boring and kinda tacky -___-" I'm turning 21 this year, and unlike some of the popular Finnish gals, I do NOT have a cute face at all -__-" So me in children's clothes.. not really.

    I'm kinda wondering how they came up with the magazine name tho O_O" it sounds kinda sexy. LOL. Like the Titty & Co. clothing brand. HAHAHA

  2. i love NUTS style better than most of the other gyaru magazines, and the bag is super cool x)

  3. I wish I`d have enough money to buy a good camera like that! My never-ending dream haha... And your eyes look good without lenses, too =)

  4. Pretty makeup!! And LOVE THE LIPSTICK COLOR!! Ô__Ô!!! Can i ask what brand it is? ._.

  5. Sure you can ask :) the brand name is London Remmel color: PINK CHIC 220 :) Thank you all for the nice comments!!!

    xoxo emimarie♥