Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July

Hey everyone. I know I'm pretty late with this post but still  I want to wish everyone an Happy 4th of  July. The 4th of July is an American hollyday, we celebrit this hollyday to America and for are soldiers that keeps has save. I wasn't born in america so I don't really know the history of the 4th of July 100% but one thing I do know for shure is that, this hollyday is a Thank You to are Soldier and God to give us the freedom that we can life for. But my next post will be  about my tattoo work!

Yu (my lovely Boyfriend) and I.
I took this Picture and can you believe those are fireworks..? Wow I really do love this photo, it makes it look so artistig. They remaind  me of some japanese flowers, that are swimming in the baby blue ocean.
Yu's eating some good american food and I must say that the food was so good, very good!

Cuteee my dog Currly *___*

My 4th of July look
What do you think? 


  1. OMG EMI!!! *____* Your style improved soooo much! Your make-up, hair and outfit looks amaziiiing! <3

  2. Love your outfit and make up and hair!! So beautiful!! *o*

  3. I agree with Becci, your style has improved! I really like this outfit! :)

  4. Becci: Oh I did :) Thank you very much becci and Im sorry I didnt know I tagged you :(

    Cale: Oh Thank you Cale you are pretty too ne :D

    Lizzie♥: Thank you very much :)

    Nenacho: *___* thank you very much, I tryed something new :)

    Shabwouina: Thank you thank you ♥

    All: Thank you everyone for the sweeties comment, it meants so much for me :)

  5. girl you're gorgeous! Love that outfit and your hair and make is amazing! :)