Sunday, July 10, 2011

Make a wish...

Hey everyone. I just want it to show you gals some of my work i did, I don't really post a lot about my tattoo work and I don't know why, lol. But today I will post about it. I really love the design I made and I must say it took 5 to 6 hour to do this tattoo. Well only the drawing took this long, my client wasn't shure what she want it, I took my time for her,  and in the end she loved it ____ Yeaah made me very happy.

I hope you gals love it, leave me an comment and let me know what you think..?


  1. that tattoo so beautiful, I love the design

  2. beautiful♪♪
    And really nice to see tattoos not only on Japanese gyarus ♪(´▽`)b ww

  3. wow I love it!! beautiful! *o*

  4. Oh wowie that's a really pretty tattoo o_O