Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jerseylicious Fashion Drama

Hello all of my readerlicious. So Today I want it to post about my look from yesterday.  How do I look? I was very inspired of one of the gals in the Jerseylicious show. Her name is Tracy and oh my god her look is Glamalicious. Tracy's look is very gyaru in a fashion way, you will see what I mean. New Jersey Fashion is the bomb, all gals are beautiful tan, big hair and oh my lord the nails are the bomb. I just love there style...There fashion remainds me of Cocona and all AV GALs. Just love it. What do you think about Jerseylicious? If you don't know what I am talking about and you would love to know I can make an Jerseylicious review, meaning I will tell you all about the show and fashion That would be so much fun to do *___*
I can't get enouch of this fashion trent *__*

In this photo, I kinda look like a B!tch,, haha.

That's Tracy from Jerseylicious
Hairstylist at The Gatsby Salon and former employee at the Glam Fairy. Enemies with Olivia.
Her style is the bomb, I just love tracy


  1. good post! I've always known we could gain fashion insight from the cast of Jerseylicious, but i didn't know who.

  2. I really like ur outfit ! ^-^
    btw Tracy is gorgeous!

  3. Thank you gals so much :D kissuuuu
    xoxo emimarie

  4. Omg this is a great post. i love everything about it and i love ur outfit and look in general . amazing . i hope we can follow each other

  5. i love tracy...she is th best!!i love her style