Thursday, August 18, 2011

Emi's shopping list at Forever 21!

Hey everyone! It's online shopping day soon!! I really need new cloths and you can tell I found some that I really like to buy soon! I can't buy everything at one's but you will see which one's I will pick. Well I will color my half hair pink like Rina's and I was thinking about the Ageha style, but I don't think I could bull it off :( But for shure I will get me my first Ma*rs bag and I will not tell you which one, haha! You will see and some new lenese, need it really bad! I hope you Gal's love what I picked out and if you like to buy one of the things i picked out your welcome to visit Forever! xoxo emimarie


  1. I can't wait to see you in your new outfit :D You'll look great!

  2. ohh thank youuuu CiCi :D I hope I will ne xD
    xoxo emimarie

  3. ooOO! ALL these looks awesome!! but what i feel you need tight fitting clothes to look hotter and sexier!!~! Check out what i wore!! Leopard prints Halter top!~

    Check it out at :

  4. I love your selections, especially the cross pendants.