Sunday, August 28, 2011

B!T*H Crack my Nail'S!

Hey everyone. Today is a blogging day, I'm sorry that I didn't really bloged alot...I wasn't really in the mood and I'm taking 2 weeks off. I relaxing from my stress but not from my drawing. Yesterday I got my nails done in Hollywood Nails in Pullman and I must say I really love my nails. I only spent $35 to getting my nails done, I was so happy. What do you Gals think about my nails
Bling Bling bebeI love my nails!

My look for Today, My Husband took those photos! Love you Yu san
xoxo emimarie


  1. ur nails r hot!
    that ring is sexy!
    ur outfit is the cutest!
    and im completely in love with ur elbow tatoo! ♥

  2. awesome!! Check out my cracked nails! Suitable for spring and summer!

  3. I think 35$ is a great price, and the crackle paint looks nice. Black suits you well!