Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Green Eyes

Hey everyone, I told you all on facebook that yesterday my new lenses came and I was so happy! I was looking for something very natural and sexy and guess what my new lenese are showing at. I don't think you can tell I wearing them? Or can you? There are very compfi and nice, they don't hurt my eyes. I'm just in love with them. Just love my lenses

Plus I made my make up look for today very simple and very classy, the look good with my lenese on.
Those are the lenese I'm wearing right now and if you want to look natural with you gyaru look make up, then I would tell you, GET THEM! There are perfect for the natural touch and you can wear them for a very long time

Yesterday I also work, that I tattooed to pretty fonts, I hope you Gals love it.


  1. your eyes are awesome <3 totally love the lenses!

  2. Pretty girl, pretty girl, just letting you know :)
    The tattoo looks awesome, love the font ♥

  3. Love the lenses! They do look very 'au naturale!' :D

  4. your false eyelashes are amazing! what brand is it!?

  5. NYC lashes but the lower on are a dollor lashes :D xoxo emimarie

  6. Omo... you are just so gorgeous ^o^
    Love the new ink and lenses ... I'm still drawing my new tattoo.