Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remember me

 September 11th 10th anniversary , I will pray for the hero's that death and Family that lost there loves ones and friends. Hope is here and also God. Never Forget...Hope!

Hey everyone, so today I will post about the Gal's meeting I had down town Portland. Well only my friend came to the meeting but I had still a blass with her. Suzu is interestet in the Gal's Fashion, so I dress her up and helped her with her make up, but I must say she didn't really need it my help with the make up, she did an beautiful job with her gal make up.

Love the look, she is just an cute Gal with and cute personalety
Going down town Portland with the Max, but Suzu and I we are planing doing and meeting in Seattle. Hope some of you Gal's can come down there.
My look for the meeting, very simple and I was inspired of the Jelly magazine!
Hairstyle&Make up

We went shopping and we ate in down town portland, it was so much fun!! I helped Suzu to shop smart and very gal without spenting so much money. She had so much fun to and the best think is we are so a like! Just love you Suzu


  1. Lovely photos! You two are very pretty ♥

  2. thank you Momickey :D
    xoxo emimarie

  3. OH MY GOD. does suzu have a blog?? i would love to follow it, if she doesn't, persuade her for meee ~ Lol She's amazing <3 and i LOVE LOVE LOVE that hair and make pic you showed of yourself Amazing make, love <3 one more quick question, is that blonde extentions Suzu has?

  4. A thought also to those who spent several months on the world trade center site, to remove the rubble. Who are now suffering from serious illnesses, and abandoned by their country.

    Cute pictures :)