Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just me

Hey everyone, well today I was in the mood for posting about my look, I know my make up looks the some but I love it! You can tell my hair isn't really style and what I'm wearing isn't fashionista...Well today is a day where I will work and just relax. I'm sleepy and tired...oh well I hope you like my make up look :) xoxo emimarie

My make up look for today, looks the same but I like it!

I love my shirt, it's very nice and comfi (w)

Soon I will get my new lenses, I can't wait for them to come :)


  1. Honestly, even though its dress down, your hair,make AND top looks oh-so-fine for gal~~~<3 if only the bottoms were different, but you still look fab <3

  2. Wow, so many lashes.... Your make-up is reaaallly pretty! *_*

  3. Oh, you look so cute! <3
    Mkae up style is great

  4. What lashes are you using for the bottom?