Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Room Please ♥

These last few week's I have been planning one thing only, and now it seems like it’s happening for real! I’ll be changing my old room to a more Fashionista room!!! I went to Home Depot yesterday because it took me a very long time to find the most beautyful color, that says, hello it's emi and I found the perfect color for me, the color is called "Memories". It’s just the perfect color for me plus you Gal's will get to see it soon. I’m so excited about this, yesterday I pack my things to get ready for this Friday's painting job, and guess what? I will do it all by myself.  Still I will take my time to get thee perfect room and thee perfect deco for the one looong month ahead of me. I look at some  home inspiration pictures at weheartit.com and I found so many beautiful room's that I couldn't deside which one will be the one, but soon we all will find out...

I love the color's: pink, white, beige and a little bit of brown tons.

I really love the frame, cushions and candles Idea's, it's so romantic and classy
I just can't wait for my room!!
(pictures: weheartit.com)


  1. Those homeinspirations pictures are really lovely! Makes me wanna change the apartment where I live too!

  2. I know, I seen them and I couldn't get enouch of it :D you should change if you wana change it :D makes you fell better! Can't wait for my room to be done :D

  3. Your new room is going to be very cool, I'm sure!!!!-^^-

  4. I hope so too, Friday will be my painting DAY! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~ Can't wait :D

  5. Where's ur boyfriend? Haven't seen him in the recent posts.

  6. He is doing fine :D I will see him soon :D