Saturday, October 8, 2011

Style+Ink=Fashion Ink

Today I am showing you the things I bought/Darlene (stepmom) bought plus my new tattoo work, I hope you Gal's like it. I am trying to post often has I can so you Gal's know what I am up to, well only if your interest. Tomorrow is Darlene's Boss Party plus Aaron's B-day. You Gal's get to see soon my look for Sataday♥

My make up shipping Haul:
Darlene got me the two Dior lipsicks, I was so happy! Thx's mom :) Plus soon you will see which color I picked....
Tattoo Star, haha!! My work♥


  1. Love the tattoos<3 The star looks amazing! It's so hard to tattoo straight lines, you did an amazing job.