Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Welcome October

Welcome October, I know I'm pretty late to welcoming October but I was really busy not really with work, with myself. I need it a little break of bogging, sounds weird but who doesn't need it ones in a wall. I need it new ideas for my blog and I have so much on my mind lately that I cant focus. I want it to post about the things I bought.

I bought two handbags, a short, new winter shoes and a new journal. I found a really interesting looking journal and I must say I cant stop writing in my journal. Since I have my journal I found out that a journal could become your best friend. You can write about things that normal humans cant judge you off and of course you can life and write your fantasy’s. This journal is a part of my life now and I can write a book that’s all about me, and only me. Who doesn’t love that, being the attention in this whole book. Look at it, so beautiful and elegant at the same time. I love the old brown and the design on the cover, just wowing. Well if wowing is a really word for it, oh well. I hope soon I have better things on my blog but my readers should get to know me. That’s why people have a blog. I hope all of my readers will have a great October and great holyday’s.


  1. I like October, the weather is so nice right now. The items you bought are great too, very nice for autumn. I didn't know Hot Topic has such nice accessories, will have to check them out^^

  2. I love all the items you got! That journal looks amazing and the bags are so cute~

  3. Love all the stuff you got! I love the owl it's so cute :3 I love journals, but it's so hard for me write down all my thoughts it's much easier to type them but I don't like posting all my thoughts online lol.

    I definitely need to go to Hot Topic,you got a lot of cute stuff there!