Friday, October 7, 2011

PinkParadise Fairy Water Hazel

I bought some new lenses that I want it to review(Pinky Paradise), one is called "Fairy Water Hazel" and the other one is called "Twillight Gold Brown". In my next post you gal's get to see the Twilight lenses, I try them on and I must say I do love them bought, but my favorite is more the Fairy Water Hazel lenses! There are really good Vampire lenses for Halloween and Yes! I am obsessed with Vampire's I think it's because of the greatist movie's and Show's like :"A Interview with a Vampire, Queen of The Damned, The Original Dracula and Vampire Diaries". I do not see Twilight has a really Vampire movie, theire more love story then bad ass blood sucking Vampire's. Back to the lenses, I will give them ★★★★★'s for the best Design/Style and Comfort. They look on my so pretty and gothic at the same time. I just love them. They give you a beautiful baby doll look and I more elegant look. Item details , Weight: 0 kg, 100 grams , Stock: Stock available , Diameter : 14.5mm , Water Content : 38% , Base Curve : 8.6mm , Life Span : 1 year disposal. If you looking for sexy dolly lenses, Fairy Water Hazel are the best lenses in style and Comfort!
The Link where you could buy them :


  1. Can you tell me what mascara you are wearing? Your lashes look fantastic! I love the lenses too :)

  2. Love the lenses (:
    your bottom lashes look very different then usual ^_^

  3. Love these... I was wondering if I should buy them... maybe I will now :) They look gorgeous on you!

  4. Lexa: I am using NYX Lashes mixed with dolly wink :) But I thing NYX lashes are much better then Dolly wink :D

    rivriv: thank you GAL ♥

    하늘 :Love them, you should really get them♥ There really good and really cute on you :D make your eyes really big :D

    xoxo emimarie