Friday, October 21, 2011

Whos Say's You can't be a Gal...?

Whos Say's We can't be a Gal, because we like to wear more americanised Fashion that Gal's fashion like, D.I.A, CocoLulu, WC, Ma*rs and etc...Dosen't mean you have them your a Gal? Fashion is Fashion and Gyaru is Gyaru. If you think about the D.I.A fashion or the magazine SOULSISTA, theire are trying to look like a SOULSISTA(Western). Gal's forget that we have so many different Gyaru's in the whole word and NOT every western Gal wants to look like a Princess or Mamba and japanese High Fashion Brands are very expansive, sometimes is nice to buy a japanese Fashion Brand but did you know that H&M/Forever 21 is loved in Japan? You can see them in Sweet, Happie Nuts, Jelly, Jelly Mama and if your like even in Popsister. In this post I want to show some of my fashion likes. I really love the High fashion look/simple look. You will see what I mean with it.....

Simple look's can be very Fashionista, and I will show you how you can be simple in Gyaru style:
The Fashion Brands you can use without spending a lot are, H&M, Forever 21 and GalStar.You can a whole outfit with out spending a lot, But if you want to have High fashion brands you can go to Tjmaxx or Marshalls and get a whole high fashion outfit without spending $1000's. Soon my room will be done and after my room I will cordinet some simple outfits that can make you look like a Fashionista.

I love the STYLE:
You can get the same look in Forever 21/ H&M/ GalStar store, or just look in your closit you will get the same out fit just in your way :)

Her Style for Me/YOu:

Animel Print:
Animal print's are the new Black but remember less is more, you don't what to look like a monster print...

Down Town Fashion:
Down town Fashion is simple, classy fashion. If you in the mood to go shopping but looking very Ista, then just wear simple. Less is more the more.

Red Lips:
Red is back and Red lips are so classic and sexy. Everyone has red lips now and soon I will show you how to rock sexy red lips.

Cute simple Nails:
Simple nails can be gal too, some Gal's can't wear or can't have long nails, so why not just get cute short nails? I feel much better with my short nails, can do more then long nails.


  1. you wrote about something that I write and think about pretty often. it's really not fair when girls who see themselves as "perfect gaijin gals" just criticise others because such a shitty reason as: you're not asian (LOL), you don't have original gal's brands clothing, you're too fat/short/white etc. etc. ... instead of helping the begginers they just bring everyone down. blah... :7 okay, I'll stop blabling for now x"D

    take care <3

  2. just love this post!

    In my opinion it's a good contra to all the haters who say "oooh gyaru is so special and only a few can be good enough to wear it!"


  3. I completly agree with you!!! I'm thinking the same as you think. I'm also into short nails now plus short nails are trendy this fall ahah x) but I think that short nails look as better as long nail!
    Your post was great ! you did a great job =)

  4. Emi, I love this post. You are so right. Not only brands makes them gyaru.
    I'm totally into such fashion like you.
    Btw. I'm looking forward to the new look of your room.

  5. great post (: it great to be inspired by these!

    CMPang x

  6. BAH. I dont see people shooting asians down for trying to follow the american styles?

    I am chinese/asian but i say you go girl! You are very gal <3 always love to look out for your posts about your work/ink.

  7. thahk you everyone for the nice and lovely comments. It makes me very happy to hear that, and yes fashion is fashion, but at the same time you have to find yoursel first :) You have to become you! Thank you all agian so much!! god bless you all :D xoxo emimarie