Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ageha, Me?

Today I will hang out with Lisa, she is one of my tattooing friends and I was really in the mood to look Gyaru. I know I don't wear my Gyaru make up all the time but sometimes I just want to. I tryed to look more Ageha/Ma*rs, because I really love theire Fashion and I really love how Princess Sui those her make up! I think I would look pretty good has a hime/hostess/Glamours. I am young so I just want to live my life, I hope you gals love it! kissu emimarie


  1. I love ur eyes *O* are sooo cute!!
    and the fox scarf too!! *O*

  2. i think many people blame on you because of your scarf.
    even its not real, you really think its pretty to wear a dead fox?

    your make up i lovely though^^

  3. I understand that ppl will talk shit about it, but it was my grandmoms and I really love it. This fox scarf means a lot to me! But thank you for you comment.

  4. who is blaming her for the scarf?
    ur the only one here talking crap abt the scarf.
    It rly matches to her fashion, and ur just jelly.
    looking good emi *w*

  5. your mom's scarf? when why is it that have I seen one exactly like this in H&M.....? bitch please.

  6. omg this is so disgusting ! you wear a dead animal on your neck !!! its like you wear a dead human ! and your proud of it?!
    You really a bitch !