Thursday, November 10, 2011

My shopping Haul Post!

Just a post about the thing's I bought. On Wednesday I went shopping with my friend Lisa that I haven't seen for 1 year. We talked so much and it feld like nothing happened. I am still saving money but I need it some stuff and Oh my god, Forever 21 make up is so cute and so cheap and the best part it that it is really good make up!! Soon I will do my make up tutorial and I will use my Forever 21 make up. I hope you Gals had or have a beautiful day Kissu emimarie

Today I was hanging out with Dar (stepmom) and we want it too go to the mall, well the real reson why we went to the mall was, I had boughtin some cute boots but the gave me the wrong size so they gave me my money back....I was really said :( Oh well, so I went to VS and I seen this cute perfume bodel and I feld in love with it! It has wings, It's so so cute Plus they gave me a free VS BAG, yeaaaaa! That maid me really happy!

Forever 21 and everything was under $2

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