Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ageha Phone Case for $5?

Hi Hi

Oh my God! I can't believe that my New Phone Case and my New Key-chain come!! That went so quick and I am not kidding. My Phone case come two day's ago and my Key-chain come today, plus today I had a pretty bad day...Oh well back to my lovely things (*O*). Guess how much I payed for my Phone Case?? It wasn't $200 or $100 or even $25, I only payed $5 for it and I am not joking. I bought it in amazon.com. I just love Ebay and Amazon, you can get anything you want for so cheap! Here is the link for the phone case Phone Case.

I absolutely love it!! It's so Ageha and Gal and CUTE! I just love it, I have to save more money so I can buy more but I really should save my money for going to LA or for my own Car...I really need a Car [-____-] Oh well I am a Girl, if I see something I like I buy it, well I don't go shopping everyday and I pretty much save money for other things but somethings you can just relax and play a little Rich Girl

Well my next cute Key-chain wasn't that cheap (.____.)'''. But I want it for a pretty long time so I saved it and bought it. I just love Rilakkuma, their aren't many western gal's that likes Rilukkuma, not saying everyone doesn't like it, I don't really see many Gal's having it. Most of the Gal's have Hello Kitty or Melody or, oh well. It least I love love love it and maybe after x-mas I will get the phone case for it. I just love him. Here is the link for it StrapyaWorld.com. Oh before I forget to say , the shipping didn't took for a very long time, I bought this only 6 day's ago and it come in a week. I was very happy and I really love this webpage, they have everything, absolutely everything! I hope you Gal's have a beautiful day and I hope I see you all soon again on my blog

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! That's how it look's when your thinking about it to buy it. Trust me you will just love it!

Kissu emimarie


  1. Rilakkuma is so cute indeed! ♥ My boyfriend bought me a phone strap in Japan, it's so... *O*

    Congrats on your gets! :3
    I bought my decoden phone case for ARS 15~ that's about usd 3.75, so cheap! Definitely we are lucky :DD

  2. The key chain is soo cute *Q*
    And so is the phone case!!
    And 5 bucks is damn cheap :'D
    Lucky you!!

  3. Ohhh what a cute key chain. Love Rilakkuma! <3
    And your phone is is also very lovely and you can be lucky with that price. ^^