Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Smokie Eye, hell yea!

Hi Hi

Today I want it to blog about Smokie Eyes and I know many off western Gals do not see Smokie eyes for Gyaru makeup fashion. For me smokie eyes are very sexy and very ageha glam. Even if you do the Rock Gal's fashion a smokie eye would look ten times better then just cute Gyaru make.

And a nother thing that some of you Gal's ask me is, How do I do my eye makeup? Well today I will just show you an exemple. But I will try to do a Tutorial for the smokie eye and this look.

You need:
•Discipline, Willingness and Patience!
•Eyeshodow, Mascara, Liquid Eyeliner and Eyebrow liner.
•Foundation and Powder.
•A baby pink Blush.
•A baby pink lipstick and lipgloss.
•Plus Noseshading and highlining your nose.
•Fake lashes and Lenses.(Well you don't need your lenese, you can do it even without them.)
•Remember, Brand makeup dosen't make you a good gal, your makeup skills dose!! So don't give UP

How to get this look:
•Again Discipline, Willingness and Patience!!!
   • I have to make a Makeup Tutorial to show you Gals how to do the steps, because I am not good at explaning (.___.)"

Just remember again, Brand cloths or Brand makeup doesn't make you a Good Gal, Discipline, Willingness and Patience will make you a very Good Gal. Just don't give up!!!

kissu emimarie

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  1. I always think that smokey eyes had a lot of possibilities in gyaru make up,and I personally dont care if people criticise it, because gals like Nonoka,Cocona and sometimes Rina Sakurai do that kind of heavy make up, and I find it kind of sexy...plain cute make up looks good though...but..maybe too boring, nah?
    Is like you and your tattoos, I always like different gals not all the same.