Monday, December 5, 2011

I can't sleep...

Hi Hi

It's now 12:57 am almost 1 am in the morning and I can't sleep...There are to many things in my head that I just can't sleep...I don't know what that is but I don't like it! Feeling said or alone isn't a feeling you want, but why do we have feelings...There are moments that I wish I just got shot my feelings down. Like Family problems, Friends problems, Work problems and Boyfriend problems. Those type of feelings are just to much for me and the biggest thing I so hate is, If you feel said, angry or you could just kill your Dolls, no one understands you...I am sorry that you all have to read my problems but my Blog or Diary are my good friends. I don't trust people or even some of my friends, not because there are bad friends, some people can't help you with your problems or with your feelings. The only person that knows you the best is yourself. I don't know why I feel so said or angry. I hope it will go away ASAP!! Will I ever be happy? I think that a million doller question, but could it happend that one day I wake up and I just feel loved and Happy. Hmmm...I miss my old me. My old me would'nt cry and bitch about everything, my old me would just laugh and move on, but the new me is boring and a cry baby. Oh well what els can I do? I just have to get myself up and move on. Moving on this the best answer plus if you can fix your problems it can make you stronger and happyer, if happyer is a word. I am sorry for my grammar, I know I suck at it, that one thing I really have to fix...oh well. Did you know that I'm German Italian? If not now you know and I was born and rassed in Bayern, Fuerth. Yep I am a Fuerther, haha. I moved to the U.S when I was 17 years old so know I am 20 years old, so I was living in the U.S for 3 years, my english isn't the best but I will try harder. Now I am in the mood of just writting something, even if I don't make any sense. Well let's see what could I writte about, well tomorrow I work again and I must say I do like my job, I think it the people I work with. There so nice and kind. Oh ok now I am getting tried, I will fix my grammar later but I hope you Gals have a beautiful night. Kissu emimarie


  1. Hope you could find sleep!
    Well I think we are alike, sometimes we would like not to have feelings because it hurts so much..but we are human..humans do have feelings.
    Everybody wants to find happiness, well I think happiness can be find in the most tiny things in the world for example a smile on someone's face...=)
    Ok I'm talking too much ahah Hope you feel better now! ^-^

  2. I think everyone is kept awake at night thinking some things like this. Night is the time to ponder life I guess haha. Personally I use melatonin (its a natural plant extract) to help me sleep when I have some thinking problems like this haha!

    Just keep working hard as you do and things will happen I think. You can never expect what nice things may happen^^

  3. I am personally in a bad time too, and all that I could say to you, is that if you have problems, try your best to do your daily issues and be kind with everyone, try to look at the small things, that makes you feel fine and happy.
    As you´ve said, you have family, friends, boyfriend , job ...sooo dont worry. you have the pieces, now go on and play with them!

  4. I hope you will become soon better!
    Being awake in the middle of the night and thinking about problems isn't good. I also know this. If I woke up in the middle of the night, it takes such a long time till I will fall asleep again. It's making me crazy. I've never experienced this before since I got pregnant. After that I'm often having those moments waking up at night and taking so long to fall asleep. There are so many things come to my mind at night. @_@ I'm also having this and my daughter is now 1 1/2 years old. Oo

    Wow... didn't know that you were born and raised in Germany.
    Also sprichst du auch Deutsch, oder?
    I'm from Germany, too! ^^