Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What a Day

Hi Hi 

What a Day Gals...Today was my interview with Nordstrom and I have a feeling I didn't do well...Oh well, but I hope I made it. I just love this store to much plus I can make pretty good money. I just want to move out and live life. Plus I am working at a Tattoo shop now, It's call Voodoo Tattoo in Vancouver WA. I just love my co-worker, there nice and funny. Thank God my Yu san was with me the whole day today...he always makes me feel loved. We went to the Japanese restrained, and the food was good and also we went to the Japanese Marked. I bought to magazine and I must say, I love Sweet and S-Cawaii and I really start to like Angelica. She is a mix model, but Oh my god she is so Pretty...

New Magazine: S-Cawaii/SWEET

Makeup of the month...
I really love the Natural makeup style. And everyone can wear it, not only japanese people. I feel like less makeup is more makeup then more Makeup. But you don't have to like what I like, I just love this makeup look. So classy and chic.

New Hair cut, New Hairstyle?
Yep I cut my hair a little bit shorter, but not to short, and I refreshed my Red one more time and I bought the right shampoo for it. I just love my red hair and you will get to see my look for today. I hope you Gals have a great night and I will see in my next post again. Thank you for reading my blog. 

kissu jessica


  1. I love your "new" look!!! Red is definitly made for you!!! you're so gorgeous!! *o*

  2. love it! perfection *w*