Friday, January 20, 2012

Gyaru Fashion can make you cry...I don't know why?

Hello my Loves~

Today I wanted to post about what western Gyarus think is Gyaru fashion now. Some of them don't realized that in the Gyaru community their is to much rule's and to be pretty honest about something...Japanese Girls, no not only Japanese girls all of Asian Girls want's to look like a California Girl(White Girl). Some of you will say:"IT'S SO FALSE",but if you think about it. It's pretty much white Girl, not saying it's a bad think but if you call a western wannabe Japanese, well what are Gyarus then? Their are wannabe white gals!  I love the Japanese fashion and the way they do their makeup. But don't call someone a wannabe because he/she/it loves the fashion, couture and etc. I am not trying to make funny of Japanese people or any kind of people, I just want to tell you all that. I think is funny how white girls like me, trying to look like a Japanese Gal and Japanese Gal trying so hard looking like white girls. In the end we all look HOT, SEXY, CLASSY, CHIC and WOW! Just be you, buy the cloths that make you sexy, make you feel pretty and don't care what people think. I mean we all are copy cat's no matter what, but Stop calling people wannabes!! Gyaru is a lifestyle, Gyaru is just a normal gal that loves makeup and Fashion. That's it! You don't have to have Japanese brands or makeup or whatever they have. Just be you. And JELLY, Happie Nuts, SWEET, S-CAWAII are gyaru magazine. Those magazine are made for older Gal's with more High Fashion taste, Not every Gal WANT'S TO LOOK LIKE A 4 year old little girl or a princess. Oh and some gals like to look natural and not FAKE. Plus not everyone can pull of cute fashion or even classy fashion. Fashion is Fashion and you are you! If the other person can't deal with it, just F**K them off :) 

Please leave me a comment and tell me what you think about the gyaru community in the western world. Thank you for reading and I hope I will see you all soon again. 

xoxo emimarie


  1. I still don't know much about western gyaru but from what I saw I think it's a nice community and everyone is even more kind and pretty than some Asians.I don't know if it's only me that think western gyaru are more friendly than Asian ones...not talking about original Japanese gyaru,that's very rare to find one coz most of them only write their blog in Japanese blog.

    Anyway,I agree with you than we're all copy cat's,so just do your best on what you like.If you're happy and that's all it matters.

  2. I think it's just a competition who's the cutest of them all these days :P that's why I'm not even taking part anymore, it all just pisses me off so much that everyone has to try so hard to prove everyone else how ~amazingly cute they are all the time~ and how much they've spent on clothes/make up/shoes/hair this month etc.

    And all I have to say really is that Coco Chanel once stated "imitation is the highest form of flattery". Think about that girls.

  3. I totally agree with you too. I love Happy Nuts and the style for older gals. I´m older too (25, in one month 26) and don´t want to walk arround in pink and with cute ribbons all the time. I´m to old for this. I like Onee-Gyaru the most and the more natural Onee-Gyaru Make Up more then the extremer ones.
    But for some Gals in the community I´m ugly and normal, not Gyaru. But I don´t care what anonymous people say and still work on my Outfits and Make Up and just have fun with this fashion. ^^

    I think some "rules" in the western gyaru community are stupid and you´re not automatically more fashionable if you follow them. Only you can expirience the fashion yourself and get fashionable if you copy stuff, have more experiences and make your own fashion experiments. ^_~

  4. I left the gyaru community just 'cause I started feeling too big, too ugly and I started noticing everything ugly about me. Like my nose, which I was told is not suitable for gyaru... I don't really care, because I am happy with the way I look nowadays more than I ever was when I was a gyaru.

  5. Well I kinda think like what you think, actually it's true that japanese gal wanted to look like western girls, so yeah funny that western girl wanna look like japanese. I was fed up with gyaru fashion bc in the end you just lose yourself trying to be someone else. I think that we have to show our style even if we can be inspired by gyaru fashion and etc...instead of looking like everybody.

  6. I agree with most of what you say, although I think that now Gyaru has just evolved into a separate fashion/lifestyle in Japan, not necessarily trying to be like the westerns as it was in the beginning^^
    But I 100% agree with you on being yourself and that it is OK to buy other clothes than gyaru brands, I really do not like it when I am looking at communities/blogs and everything they want to wear is only brand...
    haha, I didn't even know that someone considered these magazine to not be gyaru magz, since I never considered them as anything elsexD