Friday, February 10, 2012

Look me in the eye's baby

Hi Hi~♥

How arr  you Gal's today? I hope you all are doing great! Today I just wanted to post about my day yesterday's. Yu san and I we went to the mall and we had dinner togehter.I don't get to see him that often now because I am working so much hours, so if I see him it just makes my Day and I get really happy. I hope soon I can move in with him and finally live my life with him. Just miss him really bad. I hope you Gal's will have a beautiful day. Today is my second day working in Nordstrom. I am so happy and nerves, but If I work longer their it will be fine. bye bye.

xoxo emimarie


  1. Wow! your eyes are amazing! and I like your make-up!

  2. I love you eyelashes!!
    Very nice!!

  3. Gorgeous eyes! btw what lower lashes do you use? :)