Friday, March 9, 2012



Just a small post! I found New BIGBANG Pictures and I must say their style changed big time! Their look is now more Crazy then normal and I Love It! Even their new Song WoW FANTASTIC BABY is to die for! I just love them! I hope they will come to america for concert , I would so GO! I hope you Gals will have a great weekend. Tomorrow I can finally go to work agian..I was sick for four day's I think...I hate staying home...But my lovely Yu san will come see me to day! Yea! See you soon! xoxo emimarie


  1. love your POST! i so love BIGBANG =)

  2. I found the song soon after it was released on internet, and i fell in love immediately! Then it didn't have so much watchers on youtube and many people had complained about their voices that had been edited with computer, and i thought "why aren't people interested?? This is amazing and so NEW!" but now it's been viewed more and it's had positive feedback.
    I totally agree with you and those pics are amazing ^^