Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Love You.


Just a Update. I am feeling better now and I can only thank my lovely Yu san for that! He took good care of me and he was there for me no mather what. He made me feel so Happy!! I am so happy that I have a man like him! It's hard to find someone that truly loves you and would do anything for you! If my honey bun is sick I would do the something for him too. If he's with me I feel like no one als can stop me, if it makes sin...I just want it to say :" THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LOVELY ME AND TAKING CARE OF ME!!!" k Because of you I am feeling better again. I love you my Yu san ♥ See you soon! xoxo emimarie

Pictures we took yesterday night!

Kawaiii Yu san!!

AWWW! I just LOVE him SOO MUCH ♥

Oh and we took some funny ones too!

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