Monday, March 26, 2012

What a day....

Hi Hi♥

What a day...Today was the day where i want it to get my dream doll but guess what she was saled out...and I got payed today...oh well I am still heart broken for that but I had a other doll in mind that I really loved to plus she was my first chose anyway. So today I bought her and hopefully she will be there on Monday the 30 of april :) see you gals soon. xoxo emimarie

She will come with Wig,Outfit and shoes :D Plus free Face up!
Oh and her new name is Yui. She is German, Italian, Japanese and French,
Plus on WED I will get her cute Dolly Bed. Starting on April you All will
see me making Yuis room. I hope you all will not miss that♥

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  1. I really love SD dolls~ Can't wait to see the room that you will be making :)