Friday, March 30, 2012

Yui's Room is almost Done!

Hi Hi♥

Today I will post about my Bjd Doll's Room and I must say I am not happy with it yet but I have a month to make her the best room ever. I will paint her bed black and Yes I made the Bed sheets and I didn't bought them I made them. I'm pretty happy with it. If I am getting better with it I could show you how to do it...well when I am getting better with it on and I start doing her own clothing :) I like the Liz Lisa Fashion, Yui would maybe like it. But I will wait till she is her. Oh and I will do a Box opening video, so you all will get to see my doll! I hope you Gal's have a great night! xoxo emimarie


  1. <333 beautiful beautiful bedroom <33 I love special stitch n.n

  2. awwww... that's so cute:3
    When me and Emi got our dolls we made a home for them in our closet(it was kinda bigxD) haha, maybe we should put them up soon>.<


    1. omg you should i would love to see your doll :)