Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fashion Haul, yay!

Hello everyone!

SOrry that I didn't made a post for a well. I was busy and I am really happy I am busy. Today I went finally shopping again with my lovely boyfriend and we had so much fun together...I miss that a lot. I need to get more time with him. You can tell I went to H&M, Hot Topic and Gamespot..yeaa some times I can be a nerd..hehe. I hope you all had a beautiful day. Two more weeks for my Doll to get shipped *O* So can't wait! Bye Bye♥

I love flower Prints, there are so pretty♥

My Cute Snow White shirt got it at Hot Topic ♥

My Lovely Yu san bought this for me when we went to H&M!! He is so NICE *O*

I am so In love with this one!! Its so pretty and it was only 12.95!!! LOVE IT!

Finally I got new Magazines *O* Soon I will post more about them!

I am in love with this Necklace!! Just Love it ♥

I got them at Hot Topic and the best part of it, they where only 30.00! Normally they are 70 but I got I really good deal out of them! So happy ♥

Oh my God I saw that and I had it to buy it was only 29.95!


  1. the first shirt looks cute... i love this floral print and i saw such a nacklace too. maybe i buy it too xD

  2. I want the new nuts magazine *0*

  3. thank you so much!!!!! and yes if you like the necklace you can buy it :)
    xoxo emimarie