Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Party like a Zombie

What's up everybody *O*

How are you all? Well I am doing great and Yes, I didn't post for a way but I have a normal life too...haha I don't. I am still wait for my Doll Love Bjd doll and It's killing me!!!!! I HATE WAITING!!!!!!! 3 more weeks and then I have her *O* Can't wait for that. Oh and I am going shopping pretty soon and I can't wait for that too *O* And I really Love the Gyaru Fashion but I was thinking to try out Lolita Fashion...Just to see if I like it or not, Don't take me wrong I AM IN LOVE with the LOLITA FASHION but I am not shure if it will fit me :( Oh well I will still think about it, I love to try out new things :) Oh I drew out some cool drawings plus two new Tattoo Work I did. I hope you All love it! See  you soon xoxo emimarie

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