Monday, September 10, 2012


Hello there, 
Today was an crazy day for me because I had it to go to the Dentist 
and it was hell for me...I don't really like the dentist...but oh well I had
it to go because my had pain :( Oh well plus I will show you some of 
my drawings I did and oh my god today my beautiful saree come to
day. I will make a nother post tomorrow about my saree.

My cute drawing I did when I got bored @ work, I just love drawing
girly stuff. Just Love it ♥

I should Tattoo it on me, I really love this drawing I did♥

Finally bought a new bracelet and I must say I really love it!

Me @ the dentist...It wasn't fun @ all...I just hate the dentist maybe,
because I just hate the pain you get there but I have a really good
and caring dentist, I look funny some how...

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