Friday, September 7, 2012


Hi There, 

Today my topic will be about India and Why do I love this country so much. I don't even know where I  start..But I know that India has their good and bad side. But I just have to look away for the bad side and just love the good things India gave us. I think the reason I love India so much is because of Bollywood and their fashion. India is a very colorful country that you just can't get enough. I found some pictures in tumblr about India. I would love to go to India and get to know this country a little bit better, Indian food is to one of my favorite food out there but the mostly I love their music. Always when I listen to Hindu music it makes me happy and I will share with you Gal's which one is my favorite Hindu song. But sadly I have to make it really short but I will post more about this country in my blog. I hope you gal's have a great day♥ 

I love the Colors so much and I love their Saree dresses.

Would love to see this life!

Henna is one of my favorite things about India.

One of my Favorite Actresses in Bollywood.

My greatest songs in Bollywood!

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