Tuesday, September 4, 2012

just a normal week

Hi Hi,

 I just want it to show you gal's what I bought and did this week, I hope you all will love it (*w*) And yes I am blogging again and I will rock this blog :P

Thinks I bought from the Con! I had so much there but next time
I will cosplay something but not sure what?


Just some of my henna drawings I did plus a cool henna tattoo too.

This one is my favorite! Just love it!

I want this so bad (*0*)..hehe I drew it (^w^)

I free hand this awesome henna tattoo and I was so happy when I
was done with it. I was in love with this tattoo. I am just so happy
because it pays the hard work I put in to henna!
 Yea! I am just happy!

Just me rocking the red lipstick , haha! I look pretty good with red.

Whatever this drink was, it was hella good! It gave me the best 
night out ever...going out it's so much fun♥ I have to do this often.

xoxo emimarie(jessica)


  1. haha the red lips and the cocktails really cool atmosphere
    I wish we could go party together one day