Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I'm in Love!


I am so bored today...but I thought way not post something I like and love? Well you all know that I have a beautiful MSD Doll and I am so in love with her! I wish I could buy her everything I like but the clothes are so expansive...* cry* But I hope soon I can get her those ones! I am in love with this style of fashion and its so dawn cute! Plus I am watching the big bang theory, just love show. Oh and I just my blog name to Doll Dream and the reason why is I want it something cute and something that would fit my blog. You all will get to see more about my life and the things I love and don't worry I just love the gyaru fashion. I just love fashion no mater what and it doesn't have to be Gal 24/7. Oh well I hope you gals will love my new lifestyle :D

xoxo emimarie