Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Big Japanese Idols


Today I want it to post about my Top 9 Japanese Icons that I love to death!! Let's Start with Angelica, the first time I saw her was last year on the magazine cover S-cawaii and I must say I feel in love with her. I think its because she is so pretty and she has a great character. She is so down to earth and I love that plus her fashion is so me! Just love! The next Icon I love is BENi and oh my god I am in love with Beni chan!! The first time I saw her was 4 year ago and it was the song Kiss Kiss Kiss that made me love her so much. Her Voice is just wow, I don't have any words for it, Plus she is on a famous TV Show names Kawaii Tv. I watch this show a lot but lately I can't find any kawaii tv shows and I don't know why. Oh well let go to Lena, YaY! Before I start talking about Lena I want to say that I always and still get Lena and Rinka mix up for me they look so a like and that's how I feel in love with them two! Lena and Rinka are my 2 top Models I love to death. The have a natural beauty , and their make up are just the bomb. I just love them so much! Next Icon I love is Rola but the first time I saw her I hated her so much because I thought she was so annoying  I don't know what made me change my mind but I do love her so much, she really is a sweet girl that you just can't hate and oh my god that girl can sing! I am in love with her new song Memoirs,  just love it so much!! I love Yuna so much but her music isn't really my taste of music but still she has a beautiful voice, the first time I saw Yuna was in the movie Nana and oh my god I love nana the movie, anime and manga I am in love with Nana! But I thought yuna did a great job in this movie, she is great! Oh my god now you will get to meet the person I love to death and I look up to her so much, it's Ayumi!!! Yes I am a big Ayumi fan and I even have her tattooed on me. I love Ayumi Hamasaki, the first time I saw her was in a german anime magazine but it was 7 years ago, and I had a hard time during the that. I lost my grandmother and I need it something to go to and Ayumi was my to go to, she was even the one that made me love japan even more! If I can just meet her I would love to tell her thank you for her music. Ayu is my only true love in Japanese Music and I would love to meet her so much! I just love Ayu! Namie and Olivia are just the bomb I just love there music so much and there style are just wow! Love them!!

I hope you gals love this post and please tell me 
who are your top 9 Japanese Icons :D
 xoxo emimarie 

Angelica (Model)

 Beni (Singer/Tv Host)

 Lena (Model)

 Rola (Model/Tv Person)

 Rinka (Model)

Yuna (Singer)

 Ayumi (singer)

Namie (singer)

 Olivia (Singer)

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