Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My love for LIS LIZA!


This post is about my Love for Liz Lisa and I always loved this brand so much but because of my weight I couldn't wear it. But It will change soon, I am changing for my health and my body and I am losing weight like candy, Thanks to my juicing and healthy food chose's!

So here is the reason Why I always loved this brand, because it remained me of Doll Fashion and you all know I love the doll hobby. I think Liz Lisa was the first Gyaru brand that I fall in love with when I was still reading Popteen. Plus its so simple and it looks so young and fresh. I am just so happy that now in down town Japan in SF, I can buy them. 

I just Love Liz Lisa 

But you will see soon more about Liz Lisa in my Blog!

xoxo emimarie


  1. I love Liz Lisa SO MUCH!<3
    Their clothes are just pure perfection and the staff here in Japan is so beautiful and nice<3
    I am so happy for you being able to wear them soon!


  2. I am looking forward to seeing you in Liz Lisa!
    Me and Lea also really love it, we walked in there and it was love at first sight!><


  3. For me it is also one of my favorite brands.
    It's so adorable.

  4. i love liz lisa too! but i only eye things on their website and have never committed to buying since everything i want is always sold out!! har har har, i am juicing as well!! i actually like it too!

    xoxo Sarah
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  5. Thank you Gals :D ANd yes Liz Lisa rules!
    xoxo emi