Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wig's I would like to have...


Today I would like to post about the Wigs I would love to have, well I am so tried to dye my hair every months plus my poor hair needs some time to relax and heal. I know I don't really look good in Wigs but I just have to find Mrs. Right wig...right? And I am not the only one that wears them all the time. I have seen so many Gals with wigs, and they just look beautiful.

I order a really pretty red wig, because I miss my red hair so much....I looked really good in red and Why not, red is still in. That's pretty much it.

Which Wig should be my Next?

xoxo emimarie


  1. I really like the first blonde wig and the pink and lavender one!

  2. Is great the first wig, with the hairstyle of Tsubasa.

  3. That first one is really cute^^
    Hope you will find one that makes you really happy, I know it is a bit difficult to find the right wig, and since you probably can only order off the internet, it can be kind of difficult to know which one suits you >.<


  4. I agree with everyone else about that first wig. I want it! where is it from?!?